SPRING shop window full of leaves

visual merchandising springWe must start thinking on the spring shop window displays! the shops are filled with flowers, leaves and color. This store has created a backboard with large leaves of different types , in green cardboard . To create something similar you need a large porexpan plate on which to nail the leaves.  Leaves silhouettes can be downloaded from the internet. Note that even the podiums they have cardboard herbs. Whant to see another similar idea?. (UK )

Shop window with organic meshes

elegant shop windowThe organic jute meshes coir is often used in construction / gardening for soil fastening. But they can also be a nice decorative element, as in the picture, together with other natural elements like white pebbles. Chek out the color touch given by the green leaves and funny touch of the wooden horse toy. The only product exposed , is undoubtedly the center of attention . (UK )