Shop window with famous quotes

store window libaryI just returned from a trip to Porto / Portugal with a lot of new ideas from this amazing city . So this month is dedicated to them. The first photo I want to share is from a library. Each week they have huge quotes from a famous carácter. This time Charlie Chaplin “Life is a play, that does not allow trials ” You just have to print each letter in a sheet. Ideally you should adapt the product to it, for example in this case could be with biographies and books about cinema. Instead of a quotes you can also use the first sentence of a book… (Portugal)

Story telling shop window

harrods shop windowThe stre windows of the big London department store Harrods stand out for their originality, here I have a very curious one. There are gourment food products that instead of being perfectly set on an elegant table, they are all spread and fallen around, also on the wicker baskets and floor. Standing and flying around there are some birds from whatassume that they are responsible for this mess. I like it! when we tell a story its always easier for customers to retain it. (UK)