SUMMER Shop window with wicker baskets

shop window uggThe Australian brand Ugg apart from its famous lined boots also has all kinds of footwear. Here is a showcase for the summer collection in which they have recreated a wooden pier. Showcase and can be complex, but the idea of ​​wicker baskets as an afternoon picnic is very simple and also a great idea to raise the flooring product. (United Kingdom)

Shop window with a chair upside down

crazy shop windowsWant to break the conventions? Watch this window display from the British shoe brand Oliver Sweeney, where a chair has been place in the ceiling upside down. It is a type of visual merchandising that reminds me a lot to the Spanish shoe brand Camper. A very simple but extravagant ideas. Nothing like to alter the logical order of things to get customers attention. (United Kingdom)

Minimal shop window

camper shop windowsYou like it minimal ? Have look to this store window from the Spanish brand. Just one pair of shoes is on top of a big white wood board, thus making them the center of attention. A nice touch is the floor Brown color matching the shoes´ s leather. A perfect idea if you have an open shop window. I took the picture at the Camper store at the Royal Saint Hubert Galleries at Brussels. (Belgium)