Shop window with shoe lasts

schaufenster ideenA decorative window dressing resource often used as props in visual merchandising are the everyday , common ítems. Placed in a high quantity get the customers attention. Here, the brand of clothing and accessories Haike used, plastic yellow shoe lasts, hanging from the ceiling. It is a good item because it is associated with shoes . But the same could be done with other elements  like hammers or shoe polish brushes …( Spain )

Shop window decorated with bricks

original shop windowsLooking how to enhance a pair of shoes or small articles in an original and innovative way?. This store uses fine refractory bricks, a type of ceramic material used in construction. You just need to buy a few. You can check in internet, in the second jand adds. There are people selling bricks from old buildings. Used look even better.  Other ideas with bricks (Spain)

Shop window with wood swings

h&m shop windowA very clean and simple this store display from H&M. Three boards hung from the ceiling like a swing, natural wood with white ropes . In the center a pair of shoes and a clutch. DIY – you just have to make four holes in the corners and pass the ropes through them. To hang them from the ceiling the easiest option is to attach the 4 ends in a single point, forming a pyramid, but they can also be hung perpendicular Want to see it? ( Spain )