Shop window with cakes and pastries

shop window designUndoubtedly the most glamorous and fun shoes shop window that I’ve seen in a long time. On a table dressed in an elegant lace tablecloth and surrounded by fondant cakes and meringue pies are bags and shoes. It seems taken out of the set of the film Marie Antoinette, the French queen played by Kirsten Dunst. By the way, I recommend using fondant and / or merengue it keeps well for some time. (Spain)

XMAS shop window with carols

picture xmas shop windowsTo get a Christmas atmosphere, try including old scores of carols here and there. The older and yellower the better, it  will bring a worm and traditional atmosphere. Add little decorations such as holly leaves with their characteristic red fruit . Other options would be little bells and jingle bells with red ribbons or  figurines from the from the Nativity scene … ( Spain )

Shop window with a closet

furniture store window displayThis display from New York , is typical of luxury stores . Beyond selling shoes , it is selling a lifestyle. It is totally aspirational , if you close your eyes you could imagine yourself in a house with a dressing well … and a collection of shoes that size . Note that here all footwear in addition to being perfectly aligned have the same color : yellow, orange , cream … next shopwindow was equally impressive but in blue !! . You can try to recreate this idea with a white cabinet from Ikea. And do not forget an apropiate lighting from the ceiling and the closet itself. For that there applets that can fit inside. (USA)