SPRING shop window with flowers

shop window from desigualFlowers and more flowers in the shop windows!. Today´s idea comes from the brand Desigual. Company founded in Ibiza in 1984 and whose garments are characterized by vivid prints. If your shop window has a back panel or wall, use it to staple single plastic flowers on it. Try keeping certain order and symmetry.  Note that the wall has a timber garden look , maybe you could copy it by using some old wood pieces. And the last tip, using plastic flowers is ok, but go for good imitations, invests in them, it´s worth !  (Spain)

SPRING shop window with sunflowers

shop window display pastic flowersSpring is the season of flowers and what better idean than to completely fill the showcase with them. Look how they’ve done it in this LUGGAGE STORE.  Even the floor and space among the suitecases is full with plastic sunflowers. Beware,  this idea looks good if the goods have plain colors like in this picture, because there is a big contract. Yellow/white. Otherwise it might look too stifling. Almost all colors are possible:  red poppies, white daisies, blue hydrangeas … Get yourself good plastic imitations. (Turkey)

SPRING shop window with grass

cool shop displaysLooking for DIY ideas for a spring showcase? Grab green cardboard and scissors . Draw the shape of grass and cut it out leaving a tab. Fold this tab, it will serve you as basis, so the grass will stay stand. Finally create small podiums with white books, or a pile of sheets, or with white thick wood pieces…. You can put the product on these podiums, and behind them the cardboard grass, as done in this COSMETIC STORE. (Spain)