Shop window with organic meshes

elegant shop windowThe organic jute meshes coir is often used in construction / gardening for soil fastening. But they can also be a nice decorative element, as in the picture, together with other natural elements like white pebbles. Chek out the color touch given by the green leaves and funny touch of the wooden horse toy. The only product exposed , is undoubtedly the center of attention . (UK )

Shop window with steel buckets

window decoration ideasIf you do not want to expose the product on the floor and you are looking for a way to raise it, try with steel bukets. If you put the lid upside down you will have a good surface to support the products . Galvanized metal buckets are perfect, are lightweight, and its finish gives a twist to conventional plastic cubes. The can also be painted as done in this shop (Spain)

EASTER shop window with photos

eastern jewelry shop windowFunny this  jewelry showcase in Vienna.  Cropped photos of babies dressed as Easter bunnies have been place close to the rings and earrings. They remind me of the famous babies photos from Anne Geddes, sure you’ve seen them on calendars , posters , puzzles … So either you buy some postcards of them, or you look for a baby to be your model dressed up as a bunny. Make the pictures, stick them on cardboard so they are stiff and cut them out.  (Austria)