WINTER shop window with polystyrene

easy shop window ideasThick polystyrene plates can be the perfect platform to assemble a still life of accessories. Be careful! we must prevent it looking “tacky ” so it is important to evaluate your the environment. In this store they put three plates on top of each other on a stone floor and was fine. Also you can sand the sides so they are slightly irregular, resembling a block of ice. The leftover little polystyrene balls you can drop them above the accessories. (Spain)

WINTER shop window with bare trees

winter shop window displayTypical from this autumn-winter period are the bare trees without leaves. This one here is made ​​of wooden planks. The good thing about this idea is that: you can START with an autumn tree and smooth wooden planks , as winter comes give it a layer of artificial snow and when it is already Christmas , you add small white lights. (Spain)

WINTER shop window with snow

Winter store decorationVisual erchandising simple and economical. With synthetic pillow stuffing you can create this snow effect. Be generous and cover the mannequin to beyond the ankle. A great idea for small glass show cases. If you then want to give a Christmas touch, it is sufficient if you add a couple of gold stars on top. And when the season ends you can remove everything in five minutes. (Spain)