SUMMER Shop window with sand

shop window with bath suitsWe can not miss the beach sand as an option for store window decoration, especially in a showcase of bikinis and swimwear like this one of the sports brand Roxy . Breakout super simple : just cover the base of the manniquen with sand. In this case they have used black sand that sticks very well with the colors of the garment. You can also use the golden sands. And when the time comes to remove it, get yourself a good vacuum cleaner 😉 (Spain)

SUMMER Shop window with a shoal of fish

summer window displaysMore fish for the summer time!. This time painted with special markers for windows. Have a look to this shoal of fish drawn in this pastry shop in Tokyo. They are placed in waveform , giving the impression of movement . To get the effect of depth, paint the fishes that are at the biggining smaller that the ones at the end of the (Japan)