EASTER shop window with Easter eggs

store decoration easterIn general there is no need to decorate the store window accordantly to each festivity, unless your Business has something to do with it. Nevertheless if you are looking for a nice idea for Easter, check out this Jewelry. A glass base has been decorated with Easter eggs , feathers and bird. All in yellow and green tones. The result is nice contracts against the pale grey colors of the displays. (Turkey)



SPRING shop window with flower vinyls

shop window display stickersWindow vinyls are a great option to consider. There are lots of designs and ways of placing them. Watch this jewelry with high ceilings. The top part is empty, so they have filled in with vinyl daisies, that seem to be falling from the sky. If on the other hand, your storefront has plenty empty space on the bottom, consider placing the flowers as if their where growing on the earth. (Turkey )