Xmas shop window with snow

Christmas shop window displaysEmploy artificial snow to decorate your Christmas shop window. These kind of ice flower varnish sprays are cheap 10€ aprox. Buy or create your own templets on a piece of paper. In the picture you can see starts on different sizes, but you have lots of options like Christmas bells and trees, snowflakes, reindeers… To ensure a perfect deployment stick the templet to the glass so it won’t move while you spray the silhouettes.  (Austria)

Xmas shop window with ornaments

Christmas pastry shopSome shop windows are very high, with plenty space on the top. In these cases you can use Christmas hanging decorations, and fill in that blank space as seen in this Pastry shop in Vienna. The idea is to create a curtain effect, therefore you will need lots of baubles and Christmas tree decorations. The glass and glitter ones will give the shop window a glowing effect. Choose a pallet of 2 o 3 different colors like red, green and gold or silver and stick to them (Austria)


Xmas shop window decorated with ornamental balls

shopwindow christmas 2014In the men stores, H.E. by Mango we can find a nice way to present small accessories. There is a square wooden box filled with 36 Christmas ball, set in rows of 6 units. In the middle there is a methacrylate display and on top of it are the accessories. Check out the articulated wooden hand grabbing a wallet, looks nice (Madrid/ Spain)