Xmas shop window with Holiday decorations

shop window dipslay jewelry storeYou might just want to give your shop display a quick and easy Christmas touch. You can do as in this jewelry store and buy a few Holiday decorations like Santa Clauses. The key is to keep some homogeneity: like buying the same family of figures in different shapes or sizes, and choosing figures with a delicate appearance, avoid plastic staff. To complete the scene, spread bright red and gold confetti (Austria)

Xmas shop window with a Nativity scene

shop window with a nativity scene setIn some countries it´s very common to see a Nativity scene set decorating the shop windows. Since it has a religious meaning it´s important to assess whether this option can actually fit in a respectful manner, to avoid falling into bad taste. And very important, if you decide to buy a set, choose the most elegant one you can find. (Santander/ Spain)

Xmas shop window with a book-fir

DIY Christmas shop windowsChristmas ideas for bookshops


Today´s idea is for crafts and DYI lovers. You just need an old book a cutter and green spray or paint. Open the book and draw a fir. Cut all the pages outside the drawing and paint the borders of the fir. Once you are finish open the book completely, 360º and stick the front and back pages together. A nice fir will appear. (Austria)