Xmas shop window with bottles

shop window with evening dressesAt this time of the year, close to Christmas and New Year’s Eve, store windows present their best party dresses. Have a look to this Roberto Verino shop windows. It has been decorated with wine bottles, placed on top of their own boxes. To avoid ending up looking like a supermarket, choose very chic bottles, the champagne ones are perfect. By the way, they can be empty. So leave the corks spread on the floor. (Madrid/Spain)

Xmas shop window decorated with glasses

shop window with party dressesAs we approach Christmas and New Year’s Eve the visual merchandising becomes more sophisticated and exaggerated. The top brands decorate their store windows according to this holiday season, which is full of parties and dinners. This is the case of Tommy Hilfiger. With cocktail glasses, set in different levels, they silhouette of a Christmas tree has been created. You can try it yourself with plastic glasses. There are very good and inexpensive versions. Choose those with a short stem and a wide foot, for more stability. (Austria)

Xmas shop window full of baubles

christmas shop window perfumeryNow is the time when all creams, perfumes and soaps brands come out with wonderful gift boxes. If you sell these kind of product, you can pile them and cover the entire floor with lots of Christmas baubles. Look at the picture. They have used gold as the primary color, dotted with black and turquoise balls, matching the colors of the boxes (Austria)