XMAS shop window with teddy bears

spanish christmas shop window decorationSuper tender !!! brand children’s clothing Ñaco has not been limited to decorate the window with the legendary Christmas tree, but it has beautiful decorated teddy bears in different colors. The floor is also covered with plastic fir branches and lastly added small white lights. If you opt for a similar idea , invests in a good imitation of plastic , think you can use it during many years. ( Spain )

Xmas shop window with a tie christmas tree

escaparate navideño de corbatasToday’s photo shows an original way to expose ties, creating with them some kind of Christmas tree. All ties are attached to the same point hanging from the ceiling and stuck with pins to a cylindrical base. I think it is an idea that has many possibilities, and could have a very powerful impact if done on a larger scale. Do you dare? (Spain)