XMAS customer interactive shop window

diferent xmas window ideasWould you like your customers to interact with the store display? Look what this store has done.  They have created a wood  fir painted green and every time a customer enters the store, they offer him to write a New Year´s wish on a colorful post -it, that they have to stick onto the Christmas tree.  You can also ask them to put their mail , telephone or just their names in order to enter a contest. The winner will appear pusblish on NewYear. That might encourage people to come back. (Spain)

XMAS creating designs with objets

original shop window ideasIt is difficult to find original windows displays in certain types of businesses such as the ANTIQUE SHOPS. But this one I have seen in Brussels was asurprised . They have placed an old cutlery in a pattern , as a garland and supplemented with a silver star . It’s a nice option with many possibilities , you can make stars , a fir tree … and use other objects such as watches, rings, ….