XMAS shop window with wooden boxes

diy xmas store display decorationReally original is the wooden structure mounted in this wine store. The best thing is that is made from recycled materials, with the wooden boxes where the merchandise comes. They are fixed to the wall and form a large rectangle. This provides plenty of shelves at different heights that serve to place the bottles and Christmas decorations. Fantastic black background that contrasted with 3 bulbs placed at different heights. (Spain)

XMAS shop window with a wood fir

xmas store displaysLooking for an original Christmas tree? if you like crafts you can create one yourself. Look at the store window of this optic store in Madrid. You just need to overlap white wooden slats and nail them with a hammer.  Dont forget the slats at the base need to be larger tan the ones at the top!  On the “branches ” and the gifts placed below are  sunglasses. (Spain)

XMAS shop window with a wool tree

small store window displaysDo you want to have your own Christmas tree without buying one? creat it youself by piling up products in the shape of one. Like done with wool balls in this store. You can go beyond by adding a gold star on top or by selecting just only shades of green wool sprinkled with some smaller red ones resambling Christmas balls … Have a look to the same idea but using other product. (Israel)